Dip Coater

Kibron’s LayerX is a precision dip coater facilitating thin film deposition on a variety of different substrates. Our flexible dip coaters may be used standalone or in combination with our Langmuir instruments. Simple connection of the dip coater to a laptop or PC is enabled via a USB port. The operating software interfaces to our troughs offering you the possibility to use data from the force sensor to control the operation of the dip coater.

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Please contact us at info@kibron.com for more details and assistance in selecting the appropriate model for your research or application.

For use with our existing MicrotroughX series (MTX) the Layer X dip coater (model 134) is supplied on a separate stand. On the flagship Microtrough Gx series the dip coater base support has M6 mounting holes for positioning & securing on the trough, or on any standard optical breadboard should you wish

Kibron Dip Coater
Kibron LayerX 90 Dip Coater installed on the MicroTrough G2

Ingeniously designed clamps that may be removed for cleaning are supplied with the dip coater for both Langmuir-Blodgett and Langmuir-Schaeffer techniques.

  • Langmuir-Blodgett: The Dip Coater clamp holds the substrate in vertical position suitable for Langmuir-Blodgett dipping.
  • Langmuir-Schaefer: The substrate is held perpendicular to the axis of the clamp suitable for the (horizontal) Langmuir-Schaefer mode.
Various Dip Coater clamps

In each configuration the dipping angle may be flexibly adjusted by rotating the arm of the dip coater. 

Substrate angle adjustment

The Layer X Dip Coater software offers a wide range of available commands as well as a script language for user programming & bespoke experiments. Specific event based control or triggering is available within the software as it interfaces directly with the Microtrough control output data. Detection of the substrate touching the liquid surface by following the surface pressure sensor can act as an event change and subsequently allow a change in operation of the dip coater. This is just one illustration of the software and Dip Coaters flexibility. 

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