Langmuir Trough

The Kibron MicroTrough Series is a family of open, yet modular Langmuir Troughs flexibly engineered on a stable base frame accommodating all components for Langmuir Trough & Langmuir Blodgett Trough experiments. The user may select and attach their trough of choice based on material and size, the compression barrier material type and easily attach the high sensitivity (yet robust) pressure sensor which is at the heart of all Kibron Langmuir Trough systems.

Flexible accessories for the Langmuir Trough include; dip coaters allowing thin film (monolayer) deposition on varying surfaces, Surface Potentiometer for surface potential measurements and troughs with optical windows to combine simultaneous microscopy measurements are able to be added with ease. A new Interfacial Rheology module completes the range of available accessories

Easily removable and Interchangeable Langmuir Trough tops from either the purest PTFE or metal alloy allows the user to easily clean the trough between experiments. Systems can be easily configured according to the parameters for the monolayer film being studied; the inexpensive nature of the Langmuir trough tops enables different researchers to consider having their own.

Flexible positioning of the microbalance / pressure sensor at the monolayer interface is enabled through a smartly engineered adjustment mechanism offering the ultimate fine control. Surface pressure is measured on the Langmuir trough with high sensitivity (better than 0.01mN/m) thanks to the proprietary Kibron pressure sensor which provides excellent resolution without need for an anti-vibration table.

The very small diameter rod used on our Langmuir Trough pressure sensor allows very small sub-phase volumes to be used for surface pressure / area isotherms. This is important for materials which are in short supply or high value materials like biomaterials which are the very essence of Langmuir Trough work.

Stand alone, manual or software controlled Dip coaters are available for use with all Kibron Langmuir troughs and can accommodate a wide range of substrate sizes for either Langmuir Blodgett deposition (vertical) or Langmuir Schaefer deposition (horizontal). The interchangeable trough top system allows the correct size trough & dipping well to be easily positioned as & when needed. Simple or Complex dipping profiles can easily be set up for multi-layer deposition as required.

A temperature control plate and a complete enclosure box for the Langmuir trough (which may be purged with a gas) allow sensitive contamination free experiments to be set up with ease. All functions are comfortably controlled and data captured through our very latest redesigned software which is simple to use yet powerful in its capabilities and future add-ons for researchers and student teaching alike.

We like to think we have everything covered in our range of Langmuir Troughs. With the iterative nature of our research users & their feedback we continually strive to improve our Langmuir Trough products including engineering bespoke customer systems specific to their application. We like to think of ourselves as the “GOTO Experts” in the field of Langmuir Troughs and Thin Films so put us & our technology to the test and see how Kibron Langmuir Troughs can help you!

Kibron MicroTrough Series – Langmuir Trough

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