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MicroSpot – Surface Potentiometer

MicroSpot is a miniature size plug-and-play vibrating plate surface potentiometer for all the Microtrough instruments.


MicroSpot is a miniature size plug-and-play vibrating plate surface potentiometer for the MicrotroughX instruments. Kibron MicroSpot has unmatched low noise of less than 1 mV and a height dependence of less than 5 mV/mm, allowing resolution and reproducibility you cannot find in any of the competing instruments. It is compatible with all our troughs. The surface potentiometer can be used as standalone if combined with Microtrough electronic unit.

Measuring surface potential compliments surface pressure measurements. The technique is particularly sensitive to surface charge, changes in density and reorientation of surface dipoles. These tend to occur in ranges where surface tension changes only negligibly, for example during phase transitions.

Surface Potential

Surface pressure and potential of DPPC on water


Method: Vibrating plate sensor
Sensitivity: Better than 0.1 mV
Range: – 1.25 V to + 1.25 V
Reproducibility: ± 2 mV
Height dependency: Better than 10 mV / mm
Weight: 150 g
Dimensions (H X W x L): 110 mm x 100 mm x 20 mm
Probe diameter: 6 mm

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