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A tensiometer measures the surface tension of a liquid or the interfacial tension between two immiscible liquids. Surface tension influences properties in a system and is an important parameter in characterising a liquids ability to wet a solid surface and to understand adhesion. Several techniques are described in literature and inherent to the most precise of these methods is to measure the weight of the meniscus using a balance. This method is used in all Kibron’s tensiometers

The Kibron Aqua Pi/Plus (& Ez-Pi plus) range offers users a family of compact, high performance force based surface / Interfacial tensiometers for lab or field use in almost every industry from waste water monitoring to foods & oils & Chrome plating baths to inks & coatings

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The small foot print and portable design nature allow you to use it in field without mains power where other supplier’s tensiometers cannot be used. Utilising a rechargeable battery or USB connection via a laptop with battery means the user can measure anywhere.

At the heart of every Kibron tensiometer is our high sensitivity, high resolution (better than 0.2 microgram) microbalance giving unparalleled measurement performance to the user and the ability to measure surface tension on very small sample volumes (50 microliters – 3 ml). This is important for high value materials or where the volume is just in short supply.

Delta-8 surface tensiometer with 50 microliter sample volume
Delta-8 surface tensiometer with 50 microliter sample volume

Our tensiometer measurement geometry (Kibron DyneProbe) utilises a very small diameter rod. Our high sensitivity balance eliminates the need for a long wetted perimeter which is needed with other more expensive geometries typically used on less sensitive balances supplied by others.

The small diameter rod for the Kibron Surface tensiometers are easily cleaned, more robust and more economic for the end user compared to other geometries used such as Du Nouy rings & Wilhelmy plates which can easily be damaged & is why shaping tools are sold to correct their damage

The rod geometry used in our surface tensiometers allows measurements to be made on more viscous samples which are not possible with other geometries. They can also be extended to measure surface tension versus time to look at surface equilibrium, ageing and drying effects. This benefits the user by having a wider range of measurement possibilities using the one geometry type instead of having to have two or more.

The surface tension measurement method used with our family of surface tensiometers requires no correction factors for buoyancy or density as required with other methods meaning the user can easily and quickly measure the surface tension accurately typically in 20-30 seconds

Re-useable sample measurement cups for the liquids to be tested are available with our surface tensiometers. They may be plasticglass or PTFE, even an injection port or lids are available for specialist experiments giving the user the widest range of measurement options

Kibron surface tensiometers can be offered as stand-alone modules or with easy to use flexible Windows based software for control, display and storage of measurements & data.

All kibron surface tensiometers are precision made and supplied in a comfortable carrying case complete with all accessories needed to make surface tensiometer measurements immediately.

A complete lab based measuring system with an unparalleled performance to price ratio is supported by a wide range of complementary accessories and expert knowledge to help you make the most from your surface tensiometer investment.

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