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Kibron Delta-8

HTS for surface chemistry

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A unique high throughput surface tension plate reader, for e.g. HTS screening of CMC values of surface active materials

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Kibron EZ-Pi plus

Excellent sensitivity

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Surface and Interfacial tension. Contact Angle measurements of macroscopic samples and single fibers.

More... Kibron AquaPi    

Kibron AquaPi

Surface tension anywhere, by anyone, in just 20 seconds!

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A portable tensiometer for e.g. on-site environmental monitoring and educational use.

More... Kibron dIFT-2x    

Kibron dIFT-2x

World first ever stopped flow tensiometer!

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dIFT is a dual channel, real time, dynamic interfacial tensiometer. Enables time dependent studies of surfactants at an interface.

More... Langmuir Tensiometers    

Langmuir Tensiometers

Easily and with unparalled sensitivity.

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Kibron DeltaPi and DeltaPi-4 are novel types of instruments: Langmuir-tensiometers, which allow you to measure the binding of drugs, peptides, and proteins to lipid membranes.

More... Langmuir Troughs    

Langmuir Troughs

multipurpose Langmuir and Langmuir-Blodgett instrument

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With the universal Kibron MicroTroughX you can study isotherms, lipid monolayers, deposit LB films and much more – with unparalleled sensitivity and precision.

More... Gravimetric Balance    

Gravimetric Balance

Unmatched price, speed and accuracy

By kibron_admin

Fast, precise, and easy quantification of lipid stock solution concentrations by gravimetric analysis.

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Langmuir-Blodgett Troughs and Surface Tensiometers

Kibron Inc. manufactures state-of-the-art tensiometers, langmuir-blodgett troughs and customer specified surface chemistry equipment and screening technology to overcome today's challenges in chemical industry. Since its founding, 1994, Kibron has focused on innovation, user benefits and dependable service.


#1 in Surface tension instrumentation
15 seconds to measure ST with EZ-Piplus
100 nanograms can be weighed
500+ scientific papers published
2000000 surfaces measured with Delta-8



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