Set of Kibron Wilhelmy Plates, sets of 4 pcs

Product Code: 1535

Set of four Wilhelmy plates for Kibron instruments.

Kibron Wilhelmy plate is intended for our sensor with 0-100 mg capacity. The size has been optimized to maximize resolution and accuracy, by using the whole sensor range for surface forces between 0 and 75 mN/m. Consequently, you cannot use this Wilhelmy plate for surface tensions exceeding this range.

The material is a metal alloy which is very well wetted by aqueous solutions when clean. It is less sensitive to contaminant (e.g. airborne sulfur compounds) than Platinum. The probe is intended for Wilhelmy mode measurements only. Do not use for maximum pull force.


Plate Width: 4 mm

Plate Height: 5 mm

Thickness: 0.1 mm

Weight: 25 mg

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