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FilmwareX 4.5.0 (Update)


FilmWareX 4.5. (released 04-2024)

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A VALID LICENSE FOR FILMWAREX 4, please purchase here Filmware 4.x – Kibron.

-FilmWareX 4.5.0 is compatible with Kibron MTX Langmuir troughs produced 2008-. You have the right to install and use it provided that your institution has acquired a Kibron MTX instrument 2015 or later, or has purchased FilmWareX 4.x separately. Contact us if your serial number is not accepted when installing.

-The main update to FilmWareX 4.5 is integration of dip coater control. It is compatible with the LayerX 90 and 175 dip coaters, and custom models. These have been produced since 09/2020. A dip coater is not necessary for the software to run.

-FilmWareX 4.5.0 may require an update of the embedded software in the control box for the Langmuir trough. Please install the update by running BoardApplication_CB200MTS_3.2CJ.exe. Follow the messages on the screen.

-Multiple file load has been added.

-Selection of Single vs. Double barrier has been moved to the setup tab.

-The notebook files .ntb are not compatible with previous versions. You cannot load old files in v. 4.5.0 and you cannot load files created with this version in previous FilmWareX versions. We recommend that you keep your old FilmWareX version.

-It is advisable to run a clock syncronization experiment, to avoid kinks and stairs in plotting of dipper position.

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