Surface tensiometer price

Every investment in a surface tensiometer we feel should provide both performance and value to the user so at Kibron that is what we strive for - Surface Tensiometer price - performance ratio

Our family of surface & Interfacial tensiometers offer automated measurements via single push button or single software key giving operator independent results and a surface tensiometer performance-value that leads the field.

A small footprint design provides a powerful, yet portable solution for surface tension measurements anywhere. All at an economic cost compared to other instruments on the market which can’t offer the same surface tensiometer price – performance ratio.

Ability to make enhanced measurements such as surface tension versus time with the same geometry gives our devices performance and features often associated with high value instrumentation so our surface tensiometer price - performance ratio is further enhanced.

We can provide as standard full software control functionality at an investment level often lower than other surface tension systems supplied as stand-alone units. The price – performance ratio we offer stands us out from the crowd.

Even our range of consumables / accessories leads the way with in surface tensiometer price - performance ratio. Utilisation of the same measuring geometry for two method types means you need only 1 geometry type instead of two. When other suppliers’ geometries can be 10 times the cost of the Kibron geometries this provides real ongoing cost savings to users

Surface tensiometer price

With our automated surface tensiometers available from €4500 upwards for a complete system visit or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to see why our surface tensiometer price - performance ratio is fast becoming the standard users are looking for.

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