Kibron Optical Tensiometers for Contact Angle & Surface Tension Measurements – Practically Everywhere

Launching our new range of Optical Tensiometers for measurement of Contact Angle & Surface / Interfacial Tension using the Drop Shape Analysis method

Kibron Optical Tensiometer

Our family of Optical Tensiometers AquaDrop , AquaDrop Plus & EzDrop Plus provide powerful, yet cost effective solutions for optical tensiometry measurements & determination of surface free energy. Perfectly complementing our existing family of force tensiometers they provide users with a further insight into liquid-solid wetting interactions (on almost any surface type/size) as well as surface/interfacial tension measurements on micro-litre drop sizes & under special conditions. Please contact us for further information & pricing

A family of modular Instruments configured to your measurement needs

Modularity & flexibility are at the heart of our Optical Tensiometers so they can be configured to your measurement and budgetary needs, whilst still allowing for future expansion as needs change & grow. Our modular fixing system allows standard & user supplied optical stages & components to be easily supported on the instrument frame

AquaDrop & AquaDrop Plus Optical Tensiometer

EzDrop Plus Optical Tensiometer

Versatile Measurement Modes

Sessile Drop
Pendant Drop
Surface Energy

Features & Benefits

  • Compact Instrument frame with open design for ease of use
  • Simple & accurate fluid dispense with standard syringes for quick liquid change
  • Rack & pinion dispenser movement for smooth drop deposition
  • Dual dispenser function for easy surface energy tests & tricky liquids
  • Flexible sample stage with multi axis adjustment option
  • Precision Optics (fixed or zoom objective) with High speed USB Camera
  • Uniform LED lighting with adjustable intensity
  • Powerful & intuitive Software for control & analysis
  • Modular for upgrades & a high performance to price ratio 
  • Optional laptop & wheeled transport case for total portability

Measurement Software & Analysis

Sessile Drop Contact Angle Image Capture
Pendant Drop Surface & Interfacial Tension Image Capture
Sessile Drop Dynamic Video Sequence
Pendant Drop Dynamic Video Sequence
Coated Textile Fabric with Water Contact Angle
Water Pendant Drop Surface Tension & Volume
Sessile Drop Contact Angle Software
Pendant Drop Surface & Interfacial Tension Software

Contact Angle & Surface Tension – Precisely

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