Kibron G-BAM

Brewster angle microscopy is an optical setup to view molecular monolayers. It is especially well suited in combination with Langmuir troughs.

Kibron G-BAM  is a fully motorized Brewster angle microscope designed for seamless integration with our Langmuir troughs. The G-BAM mounts directly on the baseplate of our G-series troughs.

Product code Description
#xxxx Brewster Angle Microscope for use with Kibron G-series of troughs
#1512 Mini USB Cable 
#152x Filmware BAM software for control & acquisition & user manual
Angle of incidence: 45-66° Motorized, automatic search
Focus: Motorized, automatic search*
Height: Motorized, automatic search/tracking of changes in surface level
Light source: 660 nm, single mode diode laser
Polarizer:   Sheet polarizer, manually rotatable
Camera: USB, 2048 x 1536 px, global shutter
Image resolution: < 4 µm
Field of view: 2140 µm x 1720 µm
Image: Geometrically corrected, overall focused at 53°
Background compensation: Adaptive
Power supply USB
Acquisition: Manual, or triggered by time, surface pressure or trough area


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