Langmuir Trough G2, L/L (o/w interface)

Product Code: 6424

Liquid/Liquid ("oil-on-top") Langmuir trough for Microtrough G2. The trough can also be used for air-water experiments. This trough is designed to be used with special L/L barriers with hydrophilic surface (=stainless steel) towards polar phase (eg.water) and hydrophobic (=PTFE) towards the non-polar (eg.oil).

The trough is machined from a solid block of stainless steel (hydrophilic) with edges coated with PTFE (hydrophobic).

Inner dimensions:

Volume:  xxx ml
Length:  xxx mm (max compression length, xxx mm)
Width:  80 mm
Depth:  9,8 mm (polar 3,9 mm : non-polar 5,9 mm)
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