Langmuir troughs

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LayerX Dip Coater

LayerX is small dip coater with a manually operated control box

LayerX 135

Powerful computer controlled dip Coater. Can be used separately or interfaced to a Microtrough


Surface potentiometer for MicrotroughX

Multiwell plate, 15-Wells

PTFE coated stainless steel multiwell plate with 15 wells. Fits MicrotroughX, and DeltaPI.

Set of DyneProbes, sets of 4 pcs

Set of four DyneProbes for Kibron's ínstruments

Set of two barriers (PTFE)

Set of two PTFE barriers for MicrotroughXS and XL

Temperature control plate XS

Temperature control plate for MicrotroughXS and DeltaPI. Connects to as circulating water bath.

Temperature control plate XL

Temperature control plate for MicrotroughXL. Connects to circulating water bath.

Sample Cup (PP), sets of 50 pcs

3 ml sample cups for AquaPI, AquaPI Plus and EZ-PI Plus.

Filmware 4.0 licence

Filmware 4.0 is the latest control software for our MicrotroughX instruments.

LayerX 90

Small programmable dipper for stand alone use or used with Microtrough instruments. Motion range 90 mm.

Set of two barriers (POM)

Set of two barriers for Microtrough G2