Delta-8 multichanel microtensiometer system Multichannel tensiometer for high throughput surface tension measurements. The Delta-8 can be fully .. Product #: 8510

Delta-8 multichanel microtensiometer system

Kibron Delta-8: high throughput critical micelle concentration

Kibron Delta-8 represents a true breakthrough, making high throughput screening possible in surface chemistry, from critical micelle concentration measurement to advanced drug discovery.

For chemical industries, including surfactant/detergent suppliers and users, Delta-8 represents a revolutionary platform for cost-efficient product optimization. High throughput screening of critical micelle concentration and surface tension can be made more than 100 times faster compared to conventional methods, with minimal sample consumption. For pharmaceutical companies Delta-8 serves as a platform for physicochemical profiling (QSAR) of compounds, providing key information on interactions in formulations and in vivo.

As high content screening of molecules has become a standard procedure within the industry, it has started to undergo rapid evolution also into the academic sector. HTS allows discovery driven research projects to be tackled on a totally new scale, generating data at unprecedented rate.

The high throughput of Delta-8 opens new exciting possibilities for surface chemistry R&D, allowing comprehensive and truly efficient physicochemical profiling.

In ADME/tox Kibron Delta-8 has already provided novel data and correlations (Study on fraction absorbed). However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Kibron wants to explore new application areas for Delta-8 and looks actively for collaboration in the this field.

8511 - Delta-8 instrument

8750 - Power supply 100-120V /200-240V AC/12V DC

8751 - Power cord, EU

8752 - Power cord, US/JPN

8753 - Power cord, UK

8720 - Data cable, RS-232

8730 - Tool Set

8620 - DyneClean probe cleaning unit

8650 - Set of DynePlates, 10 pcs

1501 - Set of DyneProbes, 8 pcs - License for software. Please specify.

8810 - User Manual

Temperature range 18–30°C
Measurement volume 50 μl/well
Surface tension range 10-100 mN/m
Resolution 0.01 mN/m
Balance resolution 0.050 μgrams
Precision 0.2 mN/m
Method du Noüy-Padday
Measurement time (96-well plate) 3 minutes
Probe lifetime 100 plates
Cleaning of Dyneprobes DyneClean electric furnace
DyneClean lifetime 400 plates


DynePlate - 96-well plates

Dimensions 127.8 × 85.5 mm (standard footprint)
Volume per well 50 μl
Type Disposable



Supported OS Windows: NT4.0 /2000/XP/7
Min. requirements PII266 MHz, 64 MB memory, CDROM-drive,
SVGA display, one free COM port, 25 MB disk
Communication RS-232


Physical dimensions

Weight 24 kg / 52,911 lbs.
Height 405 mm / 15,945 in.
Width 770 mm / 30,315 in.
Depth 380 mm / 14,961 in.


Power supply

Input 100 –120/200 –240 V, 47– 63 Hz.
Output 12 V DC, 10.8 A.
Power max. 120 W


Safety standards


IEC61010-1:2001, EN55011:1998, EN61003-3-2:1995, EN61000-3-3:1995, EN61000-4-2:1995, EN61000-4-3:1996, EN61000-4-4:1996, EN1000-4-5:1996, EN61000-4-6:1996, N61000-4-11:1994

"The Procter & Gamble Company provides branded products and services of superior quality and value that improve the lives of the world's consumers. In this business, investing in the right research methodology is important in driving the development of superior technology. P&G uses the Kibron Delta-8 high throughput screening device as an R&D tool for research methodology."

"The Centre for Materials Discovery focuses on the use of high throughput methods for the discovery of materials with entirely new properties or step-change improvements in performance. The Kibron Delta 8-is an invaluable module in a number of our workflows, particularly in programs directed towards the design of new functional surfactants."

Professor Andrew Cooper, Director of the Centre for Materials Discovery, University of Liverpool

Agfa wants to sustain its world leader position in graphics and healthcare applications. Therefore continuous improvements are required, not only in product portfolio but also in research methodology. In this context the use of the right R&D tools, such as the Kibron Delta-8 high throughput screening device, is highly recommended.

Dr. Guido Desie, Project Manager High Throughput Screening, Agfa-Graphics-R&D-HTS, AGFA-GEVAERT