AquaPi - portable tensiometer The Kibron AquaPi is a battery operated, portable tensiometer, for both laboratory and on-site measu.. Product #: 3500

AquaPi - portable tensiometer

Product Code: 3500

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Kibron AquaPi/AquaPiPlus brochure

The Kibron AquaPi is a compact tensiometer focused on solely surface tension measurements. The AquaPI is battery operated - you can measure surface tension easily and rapidly, practically anywhere: in the field and in the laboratory, in the classroom, in oil refineries, dairies, water purification plants, chrome plating plants, in vegetable safety assessment, to mention just a few examples. AquaPi - accurate and fast surface tension measurements
  • Single-use sample cups (3 mL) reduce contamination risk
  • Uses a long life battery providing up to 24 hour continuous use
  • User friendly hand held controller with a clear digital readout

Product code Description
#3501 AquaPi -instrument
#3520 Hand held instrument controller
#3521 Interface cable
#3523 Sample cup, set of 10 pcs
#1500 Set of DyneProbes, 4 pcs
#3522 Power supply (110V-240V AC/15V DC)
#1502 Adapter US/JP
#1503 Adapter EU
#1504 Adapter UK
#3524 Carrying case
#3525 User Manual

Measuring range: 10-100 mN/m
Accuracy/sensitivity: 0.1mN/m
Sample cup material: Polypropylene
Weight: 2.2 kg
Dimensions: 26 x 8 x 16 cm (11.8 x 3.1 x 5.9 in)
Average time per measurement: Around 30 seconds
Power/communication: 15 V DC (input 100 - 240 VAC)