Kibron offers a wide selection of instruments for measurement of surface and interfacial tension. All Kibron tensiometer models and measuring techniques are based on our precise force sensor. Kibron tensiometers are suitable for measuring surface tension, interfacial tension, dynamic contact angles and critical micelle concentration on very low sample volumes.

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DeltaPi - Langmuir tensiometer

DeltaPI is a tensiometer especially developed for studying interactions in biological systems

DeltaPi - 4x, four channel Langmuir tensiometer

Four channel tensiometer developed for studying interactions in biological systems

AquaPi - portable tensiometer

The Kibron AquaPi is a battery operated, portable tensiometer, for both laboratory and on-site measurements.

Ez-Pi Plus - tensiometer

EZ-PI Plus is a small research oriented tensiometer equipped with a very high resolution sensor

Delta-8 multichanel microtensiometer system

Multichannel tensiometer for high throughput surface tension measurements. The Delta-8 can be fully integrated into robotic systems