Microtrough XL MicrotroughXL is a medium sized and versatile Langmuir instrument for research... Product #: 6700

Microtrough XL

Product Code: 6700

Available Options

* Troughs:

You can choose troughs for your setup. We recommend selecting at least one trough as troughs are not included in the basic setup.


POM barriers are always included with the instrument. You can add other barriers if you need.

Temperature control plate:

Temperature control plate with channels for water/liquid circulation. The plate is mounted below the instrument baseplate.

MTX Accessories:

Choose the accessories that you want with the instrument. You can also buy them separately.

Kibron MTX brochure

The Kibron MicroTroughX is a versatile Langmuir instrument enabling researchers to carry out a variety of surface chemistry experiments. Using Kibron accessories you can convert the instrument into a Langmuir-Blodgett trough, a standard tensiometer, a surface potential recording device, just to name a few examples. MicrotroughX is available in small (S) and large (L).

Kibron MicrotroughXL is a medium sized Langmuir instrument. The core technology, Kibron's sensor (0.2 microgram resolution), records surface pressure with a very high sensitivity, better than 0,01 mN/m, yielding excellent reproducibility. The instrument features adjustable feet and protective enclosure. Heat control plate with for connection to an external bath is available as an accessory.

We have two different trough materials available, namely PTFE (Standard) and stainless steel with PTFE edges. The hydrophilic bottom of the steel trough allows for a significantly smaller subphase volume. Trough models for various purposes are available in the webshop or on request. Other materials, custom troughs and designs, including previously sold troughs, are available on request. The standard package has POM barriers. PTFE barriers are available from the webshop or on request..

The instrument is controlled by the recently released FilmwareX4.0. The software has a intuitive design, which allows the users to effortlessly do and review experiments.

Kibron troughs were designed by scientists for scientists: we know surface chemistry, from basic science and the classroom all the way to leading edge research. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for changes to the basic configuration, custom parts, and quotations.

We recommend that you look at the Microtrough G2 as well. It is our next generation trough with more features built into the standard setup.

Complete package including the following items:

6034 - Langmuir force balance for surface pressure measurements

1500 - Set of DyneProbes, 4 pcs

6702 - Aluminium Base Plate with stepper motor XL

6407 - Set of Two Barriers (POM)

3530 - PP Sample cup, set of 50 pcs (For calibration and surface tension measurements)

6711 - Acrylic cover box XL

6018 - Electronics unit

6309 - Power supply (110V-240V AC/12V DC)

1502 - Mains adapter US/JPN/EU/UK

6035 - Ground cable

6238 - Connecting cable, 2 pcs

6240 - Computer cable

6122 - FilmWareX 4.0 Software License

6199 - FilmWare User Manual

Base mechanics 52 x 19 x 6 (h) cm ( 20 x 7.5 x 2.4 inches)
Electronics 27 x 23 x 8 cm (10.6 x 9 x 3.1 inches)
Total weight 3.55 kg (7.8 lbs)
Acrylic casing Prevents perturbation of the film by air flow and accumulation of dust into the interface. Allows for the use of protecting gas to reduce oxidation and photobleaching in fluorescence microscopy and spectroscopy.
Dimensions Outer base plate dimensions 51,6 x 19 cm (20,3 x 7,5 inches)

Control of film area

Barriers Made of hydrophilic, inert polymer (POM). PTFE barriers are available upon request.
Compression velocity Can be freely varied between 0 and 200 mm/min (one barrier)
Accuracy Better than 0.1 %
Barrier motion High precision microstepping motor guarantees extremely precise and smooth control of area
Software All measurements are computer controlled, with real-time display of retrieved data

Measurements of surface pressure (Surface tension)

Principle Wilhelmy method using a small diameter ( 0.51 mm) special alloy wire. No artefactual hysteresis as when using the conventional Pt-plates. No drying and accumulation of salt which cause significant errors when filter paper is used. Other probe materials and shapes available on request.
Dynamic range 0 to 130 mN/m
Resolution 10 µN/m (1.6 µg)
Temperature sensor KTY. Resolution 0.1 degrees.



Full PTFE or Stainless steel with PTFE edges. Several designs available on request.
User-defined designs are routinely made.


145 ml in Full PTFE Langmuir-troughs, and 270 ml in Full PTFE Langmuir-Blodgett troughs. 45-90 ml in stainless steel Langmuir trough. Subphase can be magnetically stirred. 300 µl in surface pressure measurements (Multiwell plate).
Detailed specifications are found under the particular troughs.


Inner area 39,3 x 5,9 cm (15,5 x 2,3 inches)

Compression isotherm for a phospholipid (DPPC) monolayer

The basic operation of a Langmuir-trough is the recording of a compression isotherm for an amphiphile film residing on an air(gas)/water interface. For this, a small, known quantity of the material of interest is dissolved in a volatile solvent (such as chloroform) and is then carefully applied onto a clean water surface. In the case demonstrated below a phosphoplipid, 1,2-dipalmitoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine (abbreviated as DPPC) was used. After the evaporation of the solvent, the film is compressed by the barriers, while the surface pressure is recorded as a function of area. The obtained isotherm is characteristic for the molecule(s) in the film. The rate of compression in the below simulation is greatly exaggerated.