Microtrough G2 The microtroughG2 is a medium sized, modern Langmuir trough with an open architecture for easy acces.. Product #: MTG2

Microtrough G2

Product Code: MTG2

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You can choose troughs for your setup. We recommend selecting at least one trough as troughs are not included in the basic setup.


POM barriers are always included with the instrument. You can add other barriers if you need.

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The Microtrough G2 is a medium sized, modern Langmuir trough. The current trend in Langmuir research is to combine the technique with other methods. Whether it is deposition on samples, spectroscopic, scattering or imaging techniques, the open architecture of the instrument provides easy access to the subphase surface. The barrier drive motor has been placed below the baseplate, the trough level has been raised with respect to other structures so that laser and x-ray measurements can be done at gracing incidence. The baseplate is built of robust 12.5 mm thick aluminium. It has a standard optical breadboard holes along the edges (25 mm x 25 mm M6) for easy accommodation of auxiliary equipment - from Kibron or other manufacturers.

The water circulation channels for temperature control have been built into the baseplate. This facilitates removing, washing and exchanging the troughs, without the need to disconnect circulation tubing. The thick metal layer between the subphase and temperature channels reduces temperature gradients in the trough - this is a point which is rarely realized in designs were the temperature control channels are directly located below the PTFE bottom of the trough.

Complete package including the following items:

6034 - Langmuir force balance for surface pressure measurements

1500 - Set of DyneProbes, 4 pcs

G2BP - Aluminium Base Plate with stepper motor and integrated water channels

G2BA- Set of Two Barriers (POM)

3530 - PP Sample cup, set of 50 pcs (For calibration and surface tension measurements)

G2AC - Acrylic cover box XL

6018 - Electronics unit

6309 - Power supply (110V-240V AC/12V DC)

1502 - Mains adapter US/JPN/EU/UK

6035 - Ground cable

6238 - Connecting cable, 2 pcs

6240 - Computer cable

6122 - FilmWareX 4.0 Software License

6199 - FilmWare User Manual


Width: 290 mm

Length: 540 mm

Height: 180 mm


Width: 270 mm

Length: 230 mm

Height: 80 mm


Comp. ratio: max. 540/13 = 41

Temp. range: 0-50 °C

Trough dimensions


Width: 104 mm

Length: 425 mm

Thickness: 12.5 mm


Width: 80 mm

Length: 405 mm

Depth: 5 mm

Well (LB only)

Width: 60 mm

Length: 20 mm

Depth: 60 mm