Zero order trough XS Zero order trough for kinetic studies of surface reactions.. Product #: 6299

Zero order trough XS

The zero order trough has a reaction compartment, separated from two reservoirs by shallow channels. The shallow channels prevent the bulk phases from mixing while allowing the surface film to flow between the reservoirs and the reaction compartment. You can for example follow the consumption of lipid, following the injection of lipase into the reaction compartment, by following the change in area between the barriers in a constant pressure experiment. The trough design allows for precise control and measurement of the rate of a surface reaction at a well defined surface area.

Reservoirs 2 pcs
58.6 ml
2.6 ml
28 ml each
115 cm2
3.46 cm2
55.5 cm2 each
229 mm
21 mm diam
94 mm
59 mm

59 mm
5 - 7.5 mm
7.5 mm
5 mm