Microtrough XS troughs

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Trough XS (PTFE)

PTFE trough machined from a solid block of PTFE attached on a 6 mm aluminum support. Fits MicrotroughXS.

Trough Stainless steel / PTFE XS

Langmuir trough manufactured in stainless steel with PTFE coating along the edges.

LB Trough XS (PTFE)

PTFE Langmuir-Blodgett trough with round dipping well for MicrotroughXS.

MSpot Trough, XS (PTFE)

Trough for surface potential measurements. PTFE bonded on stainless steel

Zero order trough XS

Zero order trough for kinetic studies of surface reactions

Multiwell plate, 15-Wells

PTFE coated stainless steel multiwell plate with 15 wells. Fits MicrotroughX, and DeltaPI.

Multiwell Plate, 8-Wells for Microtrough (PTFE)

Full PTFE Multiwell plate with 8-wells with injection ports. Fits all Microtrough instruments. Well diameter 18 mm. Depth 5 mm.